Economic Sectors


Agriculture & Agro-Processing

Agriculture in Ghana is recognized as the mainstay of the economy with a greater impact on poverty reduction than other sectors. It is also critical for rural development and associated cultural values, social stabilization, environmental sustainability and buffer during economic shocks and the sector currently employs about 48% of the total workfor…

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Cocoa processing

Food Processing

The food processing industry plays a major role in Ghana’s economy. Major food crops in Ghana generally consist of cereals and starchy foods. Cereals include maize, rice, millet, guinea corn and sorghum, while starchy crops include cassava, yam, cocoyam (taro) and plantain.
Currently, food processing in Ghana is done by medium scale enterpr…

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Mineral Processing

Ghana is endowed with substantial mineral resources and has a well-established mining sector, which has grown considerably in recent years to represent an important pillar of the Ghanaian economy.
The general slowdown in the mining industry however resulted in medium and micro impacts in terms of loss of employment and other local socio-eco…

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The health industry comprises all firms directly involved in the production and promotion of health care. These include all firms (both public and private) operating in the health market and are involved in the manufacturing of health products, provision of health care, health enhancing services and generation of knowledge in support of health. The heal…

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Ghana’s utilities sector includes the Water, Sanitation and Electricity Sectors.
Ghana water sector is segmented into two parts and are identified as the Urban Water sector and Community Water sector.
The Urban Water sector comprises about 87 cities and towns where the national water utility- the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) owns and manages…

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Textiles & Garments

Textile manufacturing in Ghana is an industry consisting of ginneries and textile mills producing batik, wax cloth, fancy printed cloth and Kente cloth. Firms have located in Ghana to serve local and regional markets with printed African patterned fabrics. The industry has shown signs of significant growth in recent years, promoting high-quality traditionally designed fabrics as “Made in Ghana” to niche markets, especially the US.

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The increasing number of tourists and the evolving profile of today’s traveler demand a host of new tourism offering and infrastructure projects. A wide spectrum of investment opportunities arise out of Ghana’s long-term tourism plans




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Ghana is an emerging oil and gas producer with enormous potential and with over 5 years of commercial production since December, 2010. The first significant deepwater discovery for Ghana’s Oil and Gas sector was in 2007. A consortium of companies comprising Kosmos Energy Ghana (Kosmos), Tullow Ghana Limited (Tullow), Anardarko Petroleum Corp. ,Sabre Oil and Gas Ltd…

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